Independent from manufacturers and any capital investment in equipment, Trio delivers our clients unlimited flexibility in engaging the best suppliers at the best price to ensure the greatest value.

Our accredited panel of suppliers, who undergo a rigorous selection process, facilitate strategic sourcing where every job is quoted, every time. And Trio’s independence means there is no limit to the specification of requirement we can produce. With suppliers with a range of specialties, Trio can deliver the best fit for your requirement, with no bias or limitation.

And Trio offers flexibility in management. Expert, dedicated and professional account management teams will provide you with advice on any specification, whilst direct access to iSSD, Trio’s online tool will also enable you to source directly through suppliers. It is this flexibility that is enjoyed by clients, where emphasis is on the solution and the best outcome for our clients.

Completely independent from manufacturing
Strategic sourcing through an accredited panel of suppliers
Online procurement system with automated supplier selection

Trio is a leading provider of logistics services for printed product in New Zealand. With a distribution centre in Auckland, as well as distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, we have the capacity to store more than 30,000 pallets of product across the Tasman.

All our clients’ products are stored in our purpose built facilities. Standard facility layouts include pallet racking, shelf locations, an order processing area, a designated fulfilment/hand line processing area, receipting bay and separate despatch dock. Storage is based on the most economical solution and charges are calculated daily.

  • Purpose built facilities, providing the most efficient method of storage;
  • Full stock management, in real time, where online enquiry and reporting functionality provides you information at your fingertips;
  • In house fulfillment, providing a solution for the distribution of campaigns, despite the complexity or size.
Purpose built facilities and processes for storage of branded materials
Real time stock management
In house fulfillment and kitting

Trio recognises the production of print materials is just the beginning of the communication process. With this in mind, we can offer full fulfillment services, managed in house and integrated into our operations and warehouse management system. Our staff are experts in the packing of complex kits for marketing activities and the distribution of large volumes to multi distribution points.

We use a variety of freight providers and have designed our warehouse systems to intuitively select the most appropriate carrier for each delivery, based on consignment, destination and deadline. Our web based ordering system provides clients with all they need to manage their print requirements, and track their deliveries, right to your door.

  • Full order tracking and transparency;
  • Secure and efficient packaging with relevant paperwork;
  • Management of sensitive freight;
  • Delivering the best overall cost for distribution.
Completely independent of freight providers allowing unbiased selection
Least cost freight system selects best freight option
Specialised freight for sensitive stock movements

Trio specialises in simplifying the sourcing, storing and distribution of branded material, leading to increased efficiency, productivity and cost savings. Our independent program provides the management of limitless specifications, delivering quality, speed to market and cost reductions.

  • Independent procurement, so specifications are not limited to any manufacturing process
  • In-house design and pre-media production
  • Secure and efficient storage, purpose built for branded materials
  • Best practice business process, designed to deliver speed to market
  • Smart systems that will save you time and money
  •  Over 25 years’ experience
  • $60 million turnover, giving you better buying power



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